Learn How To Make An Inexpensive Planter For Your Patio Or Flower Garden

2 December 2014
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Being able to decorate your patio or flower garden in a stylish way can be difficult if you are on a budget. Fortunately, you can create unique garden decor on a budget. Use the following guide to learn how to turn two plastic trash cans into a beautiful planter.

Supplies Needed

  • 9-Gallon Plastic Trash Can
  • 28-Quart Plastic Trash Can
  • Chrome Spray Paint
  • Hanging Plant
  • Potting Soil
  • A Drill
  • Rocks
  • A Tarp

Paint the Trashcan

Spread the tarp onto your yard to protect your grass from being painted when you paint the trash can. Place the large trash can on a flat area of the tarp. Use the spray paint to paint the entire exterior of the can. Be sure that you move the can while spraying the paint so that it spreads easily over the can. After an hour, apply another coat of paint to the exterior of the can so that you can rest assured all of the can is covered with paint. Allow the paint to dry for three hours before continuing.

Create the Planter

Turn the large trash can and use the drill to drill holes in the bottom of the can. This will keep water from collecting in the bottom of the can when you water the plants or when it rains. Turn the can over and place the small trash can upside down inside of the larger can.

Fill the Planter

Add rocks to the very bottom of the can. This will make the can a bit heavier so that you can rest assured it will not easily fall over and it will help to allow water to drain out of the can with ease. Fill the space around the smaller trash can with potting soil until the soil reaches a few inches above the bottom of the small can until the top of the soil is as level as possible. Carefully remove the plant from the hanging plant base. Place the plant directly into the soil in the can. Add more soil around the top of the plant to ensure that it stays in the can and looks as great as it possibly can.

Position the Planters

Place the planters on a flat area of your patio away from the edge. You do not want to risk the planters toppling over, if the wind becomes too strong.

The planters will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of the elements. You can replace the plants in the planters at any time you choose.