Buying Jewelry To Pair With Your Work Wardrobe

30 August 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


If you're like most young women, your first important pieces of jewelry were purchased for social events such as the prom rather than bought with career-wear in mind. However, if you've recently graduated from college or are otherwise beginning your journey into the world of work, you're probably putting significant effort into building a professional wardrobe. Many women of your age make the mistake of not including work-appropriate jewelry to pair with their new career clothing, but the right jewelry puts the final layer of polish onto a professional look. Following are five items that belong in every professional woman's work wardrobe:

A Pair of Pearl Studs 

A pair of pearl studs can be worn with anything from a serious business formal suit to casual Friday khakis -- and it's particularly important for those new to the working world to understand that casual Friday attire is different from what you would wear to binge Netflix on a Saturday afternoon in your apartment. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that you won't be judged on what you wear on casual Fridays -- a good pair of pearl studs can pull a look together and save it from being deemed as sloppy. Also, because pearl studs go with everything, you can count on them for those days when you're struggling with deciding how to accessorize. 

If you're not a pearl person, it's perfectly fine to substitute a pair of diamond studs. 

A Watch 

Real watches have fallen out of favor among most millennials, but nonetheless, they convey a sense of responsibility to others. The watch doesn't have to be super expensive, but it should feature a classic design, particularly if you're working in a conservative field such as finance or law. 

A Simple Pendant Made From Real Metals and Gems

A tasteful pendant made from real materials pairs well with most professional clothing. Don't worry if you can't afford diamonds and gold -- a well-constructed necklace with a silver chain and a pendant featuring a semi-precious stone such as amethyst provides an optimal layer of polish. Keep in mind that it's better to have a top-quality piece made with semi-precious gems and silver than to have a piece made from low-grade gold and inferior gemstones. 

Please don't hesitate to use your local jewelry retailer as a resource for more information on building a jewelry wardrobe fit for a successful professional businesswoman. Contact a company like Dock Bros Pawn Shop for more information.