Trading In Your Broken Jewelry For Instant Cash

2 October 2017
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If you went through your dresser drawers, night stands and bathroom vanity, how many previously lost or broken pieces of jewelry do you think you'd find? All you would need to find is one piece of unwanted gold jewelry to make what could amount to up to hundreds of dollars. Here's how to utilize those cash for gold services you've seen advertised around and get a good price for your unworn and unwanted jewelry.

Collecting Your Unwanted Jewelry

You don't need to walk into a cash for gold store with your arms full of unwanted jewelry in order to walk out with cold, hard cash. In fact, the gold jewelry that you want to sell for cash doesn't have to be broken or old. You don't need to clean your jewelry before taking it to be appraised but you should be clear on the type of gold you have as well as its approximate weight. Perhaps you have some jewelry that came from a relationship that ended on negative terms. Getting cash for gold from the sale of a pendant that can from an old beau would brighten your day, and help you to close the final chapter on that story.

Getting An Appraisal

Cash for gold services offer consumers different ways of price estimates on the jewelry they're considering selling. For instance you can walk into any jewelry or pawn shop that advertises buying gold and get an on the spot appraisal. Otherwise, you can contact a gold buying service online, send your jewelry away for appraisal and wait to get an official quote. Note that you'll get different price quotes depending on the purity of your gold jewelry, how much it weighs and the current price of gold in the resale market.

Weigh Your Needs

If you can get an offer for your gold that beats what you assumed you'd receive, it can make a lot of sense to go through with the sale. Then again, not all jewelry is as valuable as it looks. You could find out during the jewelry appraisal process that a heavy ring you owned is actually gold plated instead of solid gold. Selling your gold for cash isn't a good idea if you're hoping to get out of a financial emergency, but it can be a wonderful means of paying for all life's little extras. Save up the cash you get from selling your unwanted gold to go on a luxurious vacation or finally pay off one of your high interest credit cards.

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