How A Fire Extinguisher Can Keep Your Vehicle Safe

24 October 2017
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Vehicle fires break out for different reasons and occur quite often. Around 86 percent of highway vehicle fires occur in the vehicles of passengers. A vehicle has fuel, which means it can ignite to a full-blown fire. This can lead to getting trapped in the care or burned. If you want to save lives, then you should prepare in advance. Read on to find out how fire extinguishers can keep your vehicle safe.   

Add A Fire Extinguisher To Your Vehicle Safety Kit

You should always keep an emergency kit in your car in case of being stranded or some other dangerous situation. This kit should include sand or cat litter for tire traction, a cell phone charger, ice scrapers, flares and jumper cables. If you do not have a fire extinguish in your kit, then you should add one.

Most vehicles are built with safety in mind. However, many of the components are potential fire hazards. A fire can be sudden and dangerous. Having a fire extinguisher on hand allows you to fight the blaze and minimize the damage to your vehicle.

Consider Dry Powder

A vehicle presents a variety of fire hazards. These hazards include upholstery, electrical wires, gas, and oil. You must choose a fire extinguisher that can handle any type of situation. A dry powder fire extinguisher is a good choice for vehicles. It contains fire repellent that is for use on A, B, C or E class of fires. This type of extinguisher is effective on fires related to electrical, fuel, wood, cloth, paper and upholstery.

Prepare For Automobile Accidents

An automobile accident is always dangerous because it can cause serious bodily harm. The impact from vehicle accidents is known for causing fires. Bodily harm becomes even more possible when a fire is involved.

Car accidents can cause a lot of internal damage to your vehicle. Oil leaks, gas leaks, friction, and heat are all a deadly combination

Overheating Engines

Some people travel extensively while pushing their vehicle to the max. At the same time, they are driving in warm and dry weather. This activity can put stress on your engine. The heat can become too much on your parts, which results into fires.

If your vehicle catches on fire, then you should shut off the engine. It will stop the fuel from flowing and prevents an explosive fire from developing. You and your passengers should also get out of the vehicle. Contact a company like VICTOR FIRE PROTECTION for more information and assistance.