5 Tips For Using Custom Ribbon

11 January 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


One of the best things about custom ribbon is the fact that you can design it to look exactly how you want. In addition, custom ribbon is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Ordering custom ribbon is often quite affordable, especially when you buy in bulk. If you're considering ordering custom printed ribbon, you can try using it in the following:

Creative Gift Wrapping

When you really want your wrapped gifts to pop throughout the year, ditch the store bought bows and use beautiful custom ribbon instead. A high quality ribbon will look beautiful wrapped around a box of any size. Ribbon can be used to make several different types of bows, such as double bows and pom pom bows. Custom ribbon looks especially nice on special gifts, such as those given for a wedding or baby shower.

Unique Bookmarks

If you have avid readers in your life, you can use custom ribbon to create gorgeous bookmarks. With a little bit of time and effort, your ribbon can be transformed into something that a friend or family member can be used for years to come. Consider embellishing your ribbon with a tassle at the top to create a special keepsake that can be used in book after book.

Award Ribbons

When you order custom ribbon, it doesn't necessarily have to come on a roll. Many custom ribbon retailers can create award ribbons for any purpose. These types of award ribbons are especially popular in schools and for youth sports teams. You can choose the type of ribbon that you want and then customize the text on each ribbon so each recipient receives a special reward that can be cherished.

Hair Bows

Whether you're someone who has a business selling hair bows or you're just making some for a special event, ordering custom ribbon will ensure that each girl can wear a beautiful bow in her hair. Custom ribbon is available in a variety of colors and styles and you can determine any prints or design that you want. Order custom ribbon to make hair bows for female sports teams, such as cheerleaders, dance teams, volleyball, softball, or basketball to give each member of the team a cohesive look during games or competitions.

Embellish Decor or Accessories

Beautiful ribbon can instantly make something drab or boring look more appealing. You can use custom ribbon to wrap around a hat to add a pop of color or add it to a vase to help tie in the color scheme of your home. Utilizing custom ribbon is an easy way to make your current items look one of a kind. 

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