Perfect Glitzy Gifts For Your Wedding Bridesmaids

18 July 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


They were likely some of your best friends through your single life, so there are no better people to accompany you on your big day. Your chosen bridesmaids surely are special people all the way around, and they will go to great lengths to ensure your wedding day is just as you imagined. Because of their dedication, friendship, and effort to help on your wedding day, it is always nice if you offer a token of appreciation in the form of a small gift to your bridesmaids. Here are a few glitzy little gifts that are bound to make an impression. 

Crystal Stretchy Bracelets 

Stretchy bracelets may sound like something cheap, but even the finest jewelry stores now carry stretchy bracelets. These jewelry pieces can be crafted out of expanding precious metals with gorgeous shimmering crystals strung along the material. When the bracelet is on your arm, it looks just like a high-end tennis bracelet, so they definitely have the glitz factor. Crystal stretch bracelets make great gifts for your bridesmaids because you will not have to know the size of their wrist before you pick out their gift, so you can maintain that element of surprise completely. 

Personalized Hair Pins 

Hairpins used to be incredibly popular because most women preferred their hair worn up, so there are a lot of vintage ones out there that are pretty elaborate, boasting precious gemstones and even gold or platinum plating. However, you can actually get hairpins these days that look a lot like those vintage designs without the extra cost. Plus, you can often have them personalized with initials or a short greeting if you pick certain designs. A hairpin is an item that is useful, and this kind of gift is probably going to be held dear for many years after the wedding is over. 

Keepsake Jewelry Box

If you do decide to go with something personalized for your bridesmaids, make sure you check out some of the adorable little jewelry and trinket boxes out there that can be fully personalized. Some brides choose to get real silver boxes lined with velvet and add an inscription of thanks across the lid. For example, you could have the lids engraved with the bridesmaid's name and a basic "thank you" message. These little treasures could, of course, be gifted with a piece of jewelry inside, but just the small personalized keepsake alone is enough to show your appreciation.