3 Reasons You Should Own At Least One Pair Of Women's Wedge Sandals

2 September 2018
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If you are looking for a new shoe that is versatile and that has a lot of positive features to offer you, then you may want to consider adding a pair of women's wedge sandals to your arsenal of shoes. These shoes have a lot of great things to offer. Here are three of the reasons every woman should own at least one pair of women's wedge sandals.

1. Wedge sandals can give you height

A lot of women like to wear high heels because they like the fact that the high heels add to their height. However, there are so many reasons why you shouldn't wear high heel shoes. High heels don't offer your ankles proper support which increases the chances of you falling and seriously injuring your ankle. High heels also put too much pressure on your toes which can lead to problems like the development of bunions. 

They also don't give you proper arch support, and that can lead to things like plantar fasciitis, a very painful foot condition. Wedges will also add to your height just like high heels will, but they also tend to offer more ankle support, more arch support and they don't put all that stress on your toes, while also smashing them.

2. Wedge sandals give you more shoe than sandals

When you wear sandals, you will normally wear ones that have very flat soles, and this means you can also get conditions like plantar fasciitis from sandals as well. You can also be more prone to other problems like fallen arches and more. Flat sandals also tend to have thin soles, and this means you can end up with a nasty and very painful bruise on the bottom of your foot just from stepping on a rock the wrong way.

They also tend to be quite easy to slip out of, and that increases the chances of you having a slip and fall accident. Wedge sandals have very thick soles, and they hold your foot in place better. They can be purchased with very comfortable arch support as well. The tops have that sandal look, so you won't feel as if you are missing out by not wearing sandals.

3. Wedge sandals can be worn in replacement of many different types of shoes

When you own a nice pair of wedge sandals, you can wear them with jeans or even a pair of shorts for a nice casual look, but you can also wear them with a nice dress for a more dressy, classier look. Women's wedge sandals are very versatile with regards to being able to achieve a whole lot of different looks all while wearing the same pair with different styles of clothing and for different occasions.

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