Why A Pawn Shop Is The Perfect Place For Your Child's Student Instrument

25 October 2018
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At the end of the school year, you may find yourself trying to decide what to do with your child's student instrument, whether it be a trombone, a saxophone, a clarinet, or something else. Unless you rented it, you likely bought the instrument at the start of the school year for your child to play. It's possible that he or she won't be taking a music class next school year, which means that you don't want the instrument — especially if it's large — gathering dust in the basement. As you evaluate how to proceed, don't overlook a pawn shop in your community. Pawn shops frequently deal in used instruments, so you'll likely be able to take the instrument to a few different shops and determine which will give you the most money. Here are some reasons that a pawn shop is a smart choice in your situation.

It's A Better Choice Than The Instrument Retailer

Depending on the instrument retailer at which you bought the student instrument at the start of the school year, you might have the option of selling your child's instrument back to this company. The issue with doing so, however, is that it's common to get offered an extremely low amount — and you may feel soured about the idea of getting only a small fraction of what you originally spent back. You'll often find that pawn shops pay fair prices, especially for items that they expect to sell quickly, such as student instruments.

You May Be Able To Help Someone Else

Because parents often sell their children's student instruments to pawn shops, a lot of parents will frequent these businesses when looking for instruments for their own children to play. Because pawn shops move student instruments quickly — especially if you're selling prior to the start of the school year — they often price these instruments affordably. .Pawn shops don't typically want extensive stocks of items beyond those that they can display on the showroom floor, and fair pricing can keep things moving. You may find happiness in knowing that you're helping another parent buy his or her child an instrument at a fair price.

There Are Inconveniences With Selling Privately

While there are some benefits to listing instruments yourself and trying to sell them, there are also some issues. For example, anyone who expresses interest in buying your child's instrument will want to play it. This leaves you in the difficult position of having perhaps several strangers all play the instrument — and you may then feel compromised about telling subsequent prospective buyers that it's only been played by one person. A pawn shop won't need to play the instrument and will buy it as long as it appears to be in decent condition.

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