Why an Area Rug is a Good Choice in a Dog's Room

26 November 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


If you have enough space in your home, devoting one room for your dog can be a good idea. You can keep your dog's bed and crate in this room, as well as its toys and supplies. This will prevent these items from cluttering other parts of your home. If you're devoting one room to your dog, it's important to think about how you can set the room up for comfort and functionality. One option is to buy an area rug that will fit the space. Whether the room has carpet, tile, or another type of flooring, an area rug that fills most of the room is a smart investment. Here are some reasons why.

It Provides Comfort

Your dog will likely spend a lot of time lying in its room, especially when it's home alone. If the room's flooring is tile or another hard material, the dog may lack comfort — this is especially a concern when the dog chooses not to lie on its bed. Area rugs aren't generally plush, but they're softer than most types of flooring. This will give your dog a comfortable place to lie. This can especially be important for an older dog that may have joint pain.

It's Easier to Clean

Even if your dog is trained, it may occasionally do something that stains the floor in its room. For example, it might throw up after eating, or it might urinate by accident if you've been away from the house for a period of hours and not able to let the dog out. These issues are serious concerns in a carpeted room, as they'll require significant effort to clean — and may not be possible to completely eliminate. With an area rug, you'll have an easier time during the cleaning process. For example, you can clean out the rug outdoors and hang it to dry or, in the case of a difficult stain, take it to a local cleaner.

It Reduces Noise

If your dog's room has a tile or wooden floor, you might frequently be aware of the sound of the animal's nails clicking as it walks around. If your dog paces, this sound can become bothersome to you and your family. An area rug mutes such noises, which will go a long way toward making your dog's behavior quieter when it's in its room. If the dog chews a hard toy such as a bone, doing so on the area rug will also be quieter than on a hard floor surface.