Gifts To Give Your Wife To Encourage Her Artistic Side

17 June 2020
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If you're aware that your wife has an artistic side, you might constantly be encouraging her to spend some time making art. A busy daily schedule may get in the way, but your wife may also feel as though she lacks the proper supplies to pursue this pastime — and she may not want to spend the money on herself to buy what she needs. You can offer a thoughtful gift by assembling a variety of art-focused products to give your wife as a means of encouraging her. Whether you wrap them individually or put them together in a gift basket, here are some items to include. 

Paper And Canvases

You'll definitely want to provide your wife with some art paper and canvases on which to practice her artwork. A couple of books of art paper can be a nice gift. Consider a book with small-dimension pages, which will be good for practicing different techniques. A book with larger pages will be good for developing these skills. Think about a few canvases too. They're often more affordable than you might think, and when your wife feels ready to produce some art to hang on the walls of your home or perhaps give as gifts, she'll have the canvases on which to create the work.

Paints And Pencils

Ideally, you'll know which type of medium your wife favors when it comes to art. If so, you can tailor your shopping accordingly. This could be to buy her a set of colored pencils, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, or oil paints. While she might have a few old art supplies that she's been using here and there, the paints may be dried up and the colored pencil set may be missing a few colors. You can be sure that your wife will feel more encouraged about working on some art when she has a new set of supplies.


Not everyone draws or paints on an easel, but this is a good habit to develop. Consider buying a wooden easel for your wife to include with your gift of other art supplies. Using an easel is convenient, as your wife won't constantly have to set up her art on the kitchen table and then remove it at mealtime. Looking down to paint on a horizontal surface can sometimes lead to neck and back pain too, so working on an easel is a good way to reduce the risk of this discomfort. Having the easel set up in the corner of the room can often remind your wife of her art and, ideally, compel her to put some time into it.

If you need more ideas for birthday gifts for her, reach out to a supplier in your area.