Benefits Of Using A Bale Spear Attachment

18 September 2020
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If you're a farmer who works with bales of hay, using the right tractor attachment is critical to increasing the efficiency of your operation. While there are a few attachments that you can use to move hay bales around, you may wish to invest in a bale spear. This attachment, which connects to the front of a tractor, generally consists of one or more long, metal spears and a couple of shorter spears. As the attachment's name suggests, you move bales by spearing them. Here are some benefits of working with this piece of tractor equipment.

You Don't Crush The Hay

While it's certainly possible to move bales of hay around with other tractor attachments, not all of them are ideal. If you're using an attachment that pinches the bale, you might cause some damage to it — especially if you're still a novice with this type of work. Squeezing a bale too tightly can cause it to fall apart, which not only means that you won't be able to stack it properly, but you'll also have a clean-up task on your hands. A bale spear is ideal because it won't cause this type of damage. It simply slides through the bale, causing just a few small holes.

You Can Work Quickly

When you're dealing with hay bales, it's possible that you may have several hundred that require your attention. This is especially true if you have large fields that produce a significant crop yield. Another thing that you'll appreciate about using a bale spear is that you can work quickly. As you get acquainted with this attachment, you'll be impressed at how you can slide the spear into a bale, lift it, and set it down in a new location in a short amount of time. Some other attachments aren't as conducive to working quickly. For example, trying to load a bale into a bucket attachment can sometimes take a while.

You May Be Able To Handle Two Bales

While you might want to start with a bale spear that has just one long spear, you may eventually want to upgrade to an attachment that has a pair of long spears. Doing so will allow you to lift and move two bales at a time, which can obviously increase the efficiency with which you work. Visit a dealer that carries tractor equipment to learn more about bale spears and evaluate which model might work best for you.