4 Awesome Ways To Style A Cropped Sweater

30 December 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


For years, many sweater styles were all long and loose. Now, cropped sweaters are starting to pop up on store racks. Some are cropped quite short, showing a lot of the midriff. Others are cropped a bit lower, showing just a touch of skin about the waistline. Many people admire cropped sweaters on the rack, but they don't purchase them because they're not sure how to style them. As such, here are four ways to rock that cropped sweater.

Pair It With High-Waist Jeans

For a warm look that's suitable for fall or early spring, try pairing a cropped sweater with a pair of high-waist jeans. This is a bit of a throwback look that will remind you of 90s fashions. If you want to go full-on 90s, look for a pair of light wash jeans. For a look that's a little more modern, opt for dark jeans instead. With the high-waist jeans, you'll only see a little peek of midriff below the sweater, so this look is also more modest. 

Pair It With a Short Leather Skirt

If you want a more adventurous look that's suitable for going out with friends, pair that cropped sweater with a short leather skirt. You'll be showing plenty of skin, but since you're wearing a sweater on top, you'll still be covered enough to stay warmer. You may even want this to be your new "going out" look for winter.

Wear It Over a Cami

If you don't want to show off your midriff, but you find a cropped sweater you really love, a good compromise is to wear that sweater over a cami. You can choose a cami that is one of the colors seen in the sweater. Or, you can just choose a plain black or white cami. Very few sweater patterns don't match a black or white cami. Then, you can wear anything you want on the bottom, from jeans to black leggings.

Wear It Under a Cardigan

Another way to make your crop sweater a little more modest is to wear a cardigan over it. This is also a good way to stay a little warmer while wearing a cropped sweater in winter. You may want to make sure the cardigan is a different color from your crop sweater so you get a really artsy, layered look. When you're feeling like you need to cover up a little, you can just close the cardigan across your front.

Now that you have a better idea of how to style a cropped sweater, you can buy them with confidence. Contact a company that provides cropped sweaters for more information.