How To Take Care Of Your Elite Shungite Pendant

24 January 2022
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Elite shungite is known for many healing and protective care properties. Its makeup allows it to be helpful in eradicating or killing bacteria and viruses present in water, which is why many people place small pieces or large elite shungite stones in their drinking glasses.

To wear an elite shungite pendant is to keep this protective and beautiful stone close to your body. You benefit in doing so by protecting yourself against the more harmful EMF — or electromagnetic frequencies — that are present in your cell phone, laptop, computer, and other appliances and electronics. Of course, you can also wear your elite shungite pendant for its natural beauty since the black stone is very shiny and alluring in its own right.

Here are a few ways to take care of your elite shungite pendant. You should replace your shungite pendant every so often because over time it will lose its healing and protective abilities; place any recycled elite shungite in the earth or in a potted plant for decoration and appeal.

Wash and charge your stone often

Wash your elite shungite pendant in clear running water and allow the stone to dry in the sun or under the moonlight. This removes the impurities and dirt that are present on the pendant while allowing it to recharge so its useful properties continue to work. You can use a mild soap on your elite shungite pendant if there is food debris on it or if it's exceptionally dirty.

Always use warm water — not hot — and allow the stone to dry completely before wearing it. If your shungite stone breaks or chips off, keep the fallen debris and care for them as you would your large elite shungite stones.

Hang your pendant when not in use

When not wearing your elite shungite pendant, hang the necklace in an open space, preferably near your EMF-producing devices, so it can not be disturbed but still do its job. The pendant can also be kept in the open air near a window or under the sun to keep it fully charged and able to perform its natural duties best.

Under no circumstances should you polish, paint, or otherwise destroy the surface of your elite shungite pendant stone. You can tumble the stone to give it a smoother edge if you wish, but it's best to leave the stone alone so it can most effectively retain its natural healing properties. Buy your elite shungite pendant from a local natural stone seller to learn more.