Decisions To Make When You Buy A Bulletproof Plate

31 October 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog


Those who work in various positions in the security field often wear ballistic vests as a way to protect themselves from a gunshot, but it's important to know that you can accessorize your vest to further improve the protection that it offers. If you're new to a security job, you may wish to shop for a bulletproof plate. This is a plate that you place in a pocket in the vest, typically in front of your chest. There are lots of different bulletproof plates on the market, so you can browse your options to find the product that suits you best. Here are three decisions to make as you evaluate bulletproof plates.


You can expect to see bulletproof plates made of different materials. The two most common materials for this piece of protective gear are ceramic and metal, both of which are highly durable and can offer a heightened level of protection from projectiles. A lot of security professionals favor ceramic plates because they are noticeably lighter than their metal counterparts. It's common for security professionals to carry a lot of gear, which means that saving even a small amount of weight is often desirable. This is especially true if you walk a lot during your day.


Bulletproof plates are available in several sizes. You'll need to decide what size will suit you best. The larger the plate, the more of your chest area it will protect. The downside is that a large plate can not only be heavy but may occasionally restrict certain movements. Smaller plates don't cover as much of your body, potentially leaving you more exposed to a gunshot injury, but they allow you to move more freely. Different security professionals have different mindsets about this topic, as there are pros and cons for each size.


Most bulletproof plates that you wear over your chest are rectangular in shape, but you'll see some products that offer slight variations on a standard rectangle. For example, some plates are rounded at the corners rather than square, which is a little more comfortable because you won't feel a corner digging into your body. You'll even see some plates that get narrow toward the top, which allows you to move your upper body more freely. Finally, plates that are slightly curved, rather than perfectly flat, will contour nicely against your chest to provide a higher level of comfort.

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